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Tone. Defined as, “the general character or attitude of a place, piece of writing, situation, etc”. Based on the individual we’re interacting with, the message we're looking to deliver, etc., we all adjust our tone to reflect the situation we’re in. 

We do this inadvertently in everyday life, but are you properly adjusting your tone as you write your sales campaigns? As you're addressing personas, it’s not only providing a solution to a problem (a problem they might admit they have yet), but also about the way in which you present it. A message that engages a sales director is going to look different than a frontline leader or a marketing manager. Different roles have different personalities, and it's vital tone reflects that. 

For example, if you’re addressing a marketing director, what tone would you likely use? Straight to the point, including mostly numbers and figures behind your solution, or would you tell the story and use language to create a vision for them of what your solution can provide? Marketers are storytellers by nature - they’ll likely resonate with a story rather than the blunt facts and figures. 

After analyzing billions of lines of data, REGIE’s excited to announce you’ll now be able to adequately address your persona target through the app with an option to choose the tonality that has statistically resonated best. Tones will be tagged and allow you to select sequence intros relevant to each persona type. 

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