Meet the new, and dramatically improved, REGIE.

Sapper Consulting, an outsourced business development consulting company, released it’s AI software platform REGIE earlier this year. REGIE is designed to help companies create outbound sales campaigns faster by building buyer persona-informed messaging based on performance data, market research, and best practices. REGIE’s latest release has taken a major step forward, including auto-generating campaigns that are now tailored to specific buyers. 

"We've made a quantum leap with REGIE," said Matt Millen, Chief Growth Officer (CGO) at Sapper Consulting. "In addition to the outbound workflows we already had, we’ve added workflows for both inbound and follow up campaigns. Additionally, and this is huge, REGIE now writes sales campaigns with tone in mind. Meaning that the auto generated sales campaigns are written based on the tone your prospect is most likely to respond to. It’s a total game changer.”

REGIE solves a problem that plagues so many sales organizations: how to write sales campaigns that actually convert into qualified sales meetings.

"Sales prospecting is getting harder by the day," said Jeff Winters, CEO and founder of Sapper Consulting. "In survey after survey, salespeople rank prospecting as one of the most difficult and time consuming parts of their days. REGIE changes that. It automates so much of the prospecting effort and arms salespeople with sales campaigns they need to win."

REGIE creates better sales campaigns faster by building buyer persona-informed campaigns based on more than 1 billion rows of performance data across 80 industries and counting. Sapper Consulting identified the need for REGIE as a response to the widespread adoption of sales engagement technology.

“5 years ago, companies that were using sales engagement platforms were at a huge advantage versus those that were not. The companies using sales engagement were inundated with sales meetings purely by having technology that was more advanced,” said TJ Macke, SVP of Strategy at Sapper Consulting. “Now, however, the landscape has changed. Sales engagement platforms are now table stakes. The winners and losers in this environment will now be determined by how well companies use their sales engagement platforms. We’re confident that REGIE will give companies the fuel they need to to optimize their sales engagement platforms and win.”

With more than 600 active campaigns currently managed, Sapper has perfected the art and science of campaign creation. REGIE has reduced the time to create new buyer persona sequences from eight hours to less than three minutes.

Sapper's clients have seen significant results with REGIE: It decreased campaign times to minutes, increased the volume of meetings each sales development representative created, and decreased time to value for new campaigns.

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