Ready to book your dream meeting? Jeff Winters is taking the challenge to personally book a meeting with your dream prospect!


Who's Your Dream Meeting?

Every Sales rep has that one decision maker or person they wish they could get a meeting with. One opportunity to shoot your shot and heroically present your business case.

We schedule thousands of meetings for our customers every month, so when Sam Jacobs with the SalesHacker podcast asked what Jeff’s super power would be it’s not surprising that his answer was getting great meetings.

This is how the Dream Meeting Challenge was born. Jeff wants to land you that dream sales meeting. 


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Ready to book your Dream Meeting?


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Tag @JeffreyWinters with the word "REGIE" on this post "How to Book a Meeting with Nearly Anyone in the World"

That's it! Really. One lucky winner will be chosen - and Jeff take it from there!


How to Book a Meeting with Nearly Anyone in the World with Jeff Winters

Today on the show, we’ve got Jeff Winters, the founder and CEO of Sapper Consulting, one of the top 10 people in the world who can get a dream meeting — a meeting with virtually anybody in the world. We also announced a contest on this episode, so give it a or read our blog.



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