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Introducing: A New & Improved REGIE

Sapper Consulting, an outsourced business development consulting company, has updated it’s AI software platform, REGIE, to make sales campaigns even more impactful! Designed to help companies create outbound, inbound, and follow-up sales campaigns faster, REGIE builds buyer persona-informed messaging based on performance data, market research, and best practices. It’s latest release has taken a major step forward, including auto-generating campaigns that are now tailored to specific buyers. 


Performant Content

REGIE has done the work to test and collect 1.8 billion rows of activity data across hundreds of thousands of campaigns to back up our recommendations.


Custom Personas

REGIE has you covered with 1,000+ buyer persona combinations to help you target the perfect role, department and industry. 


Proven Workflows

Building a healthy pipeline of leads isn’t where the engine stops. Use REGIE for outbound, inbound, follow-ups and more to accelerate your most critical sales channels.

Simplify the Creation of Your Sales Campaigns.

With a few simple selections to share the buyer you're targeting, REGIE's able to write, send, and analyze your prospecting emails. Now incorporating the use of tone, REGIE's taking already successful sales campaigns even further. 


7 Dos and Don’ts of Creating Winning Sales Campaigns

In just 45 minutes you’ll learn how to tune up your sales engines, how to engage a diverse group of buyers, and most importantly, how to centralize connecting with your customers instead of obsessing over the settings in your tech stack.


3 Tips to Make Winning More Predictable in Sales

Hear from Sapper CGO Matt Millen breaks down the key factors of winning. Leaning on over 30 years of sales experience, he dives into the 3 steps to consistent winning, his impactful SAM methodology, and why winning as a leader is so important. 


All Things Outbound

From the Ultimate Guide to Defining Your ICP to The Secrets to Building Persona-Based Sequences, check out our arsenal of available resources to start maximizing your outbound strategies today.

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